We are BAUT, C and ZUID,  3 unique restaurant and event establishments in Amsterdam. We offer a wide range of facilities to fulfil all your needs.

Looking for the perfect place to have drinks? At BAUT, C and ZUID you will find some unique possibilities. All our restaurants offer both food and drinks of high culinary quality. With our cocktail bar your evening is going to be a success. Guaranteed!

We love parties of all kinds. Big, private, casual or formally. Fully catered by us. All technical equipment is in-house to use. Also we offer a portfolio of acts and activities to complete your event. BAUT, C and ZUID are all 3 open for your occasion. The special look and feel of our locations give your party the perfect extra touch.

Location and facilities are indispensable for a successful business meeting. Come to BAUT, C or ZUID to use 1 of our conference locations, so pleasant it stimulates energy and creativity. We can take care of all what is needed so you and your company can fully focus on the meeting.

The extraordinary design and the unique appearance make our locations ideal for a wide range of events. Think of presentations, workshops and even launch parties. Take a look at our impression page on this website to feel the ambiance of our quarters.

We are your perfect conference location, the original scenery for your team building event, the perfect atmosphere for a walking dinner and the impressive space where you organise and celebrate a unforgettable party.


Top chef and initiator Michiel van der Eerde knows his way in hospitality. In all our locations, you can almost touch his love and passion for the business.

Delicious dining?

Our teams in both BAUT, C and ZUID are composed of people who know how to serve quality. In diverse reviews on all kind of restaurant platforms people praise our team and services. With our 3 special locations we offer the ultimate setting for your dinner.

Intimate setting or a group dinner of large scale? Not a problem for us at all! We will design a special menu for you and also provide a full package of wines, cocktails and other drinks. Other wishes regarding decoration or entertainment can be realized as well.

Does a dinner in a dynamic atmosphere fits better? BAUT, C and ZUID offer amazing possibilities. Feel pampered by surprising dishes and great wines. Finish the great evening with a special cocktail or Gin Tonic.

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